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95000 Road Miles
225 Away From Home
95 Tracks /Trails
800 Drive Time
Riley Stair – Tangent / Rift
Riley Stair – Tangent / Rift I've had some of the best times of my life out on the road with Jason!  Touring the country with Carnes has provided me with memories and friendships I will cherish forever, along with some of the best times I've ... Read More
Lenny Kilgour
Lenny Kilgour I've know Jason for 11 years and I've been on tour with him a number of times: from California to Florida and a lot of stops in between!  We rode the legendary South Park BMX in Pittsburgh, toured New York ... Read More
Hunter Pelham
Hunter Pelham The few times that I went on the road with Jason were some of the best times of my life. As you know, Carnes has been around the block a few times and for me, it was great to hear ... Read More
Tory Nyhaug – Canadian Olympian
Tory Nyhaug – Canadian Olympian The times I’ve spent with Jason on the road have been some of the most fun in my BMX career.  We always laughed and joked around like family, but when it was time to be serious and get to work ... Read More
Nick Fox – New Zealand AA Pro
Nick Fox – New Zealand AA Pro In 2013 I was new to the USA race scene from New Zealand, I got the opportunity to go on the infamous “summer tour” with Jason Carnes. I got to first hand experience what life was like as a pro ... Read More
Alise Post – 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist
Alise Post – 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist Traveling and experiencing BMX alongside Jason Carnes since 2009 has made for some of the best memories of my life, and I would trust Jason with absolutely anything. He keeps the show moving, is super professional, knows the BMX tour ... Read More
Sam Willoughby
Sam Willoughby "I have had the privilege of staying and traveling with Jason Carnes for the past 7 years.  Jason is the most caring guy I know! His specialty is traveling the country and stopping at every fun BMX spot on the ... Read More

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